Thursday, April 9, 2009


One thing I forgot to mention about independent travelers these days: it's all about Facebook. No longer do people exchange email addresses, they simply ask: Are you on Facebook? It makes sense for sharing photos or trying to meet up later on your trip. So I don't know if FB is a fad, but for the world traveler, it offers a useful tool to stay in touch and share with other like-minded individuals.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Love This Town!

I am back in Encinitas, and remembering all the reasons I wouldn't live anywhere else. Many of the travelers I met on my trip complained about where they lived; so happy to be away from there. I could only shake my head, and say that I love where I live, and wouldn't live anywhere else.

I am back in my ocean, the Great Blue Pacific. It's "my" ocean, not in that it belongs to me, but rather that I belong to it. The warm, calm green waters of the Indian Ocean just didn't feel like the ocean to me at all - just a a big salty lake. But I feel at home back in the cold, grey, silty Pacific.